Our Story

Our Story


My name is Monica and I am bringing you unique artisan traditional/traditional-inspired items from El Salvador. I started Chickie Cheeks to provide little ones and mothers with affordable, comfortable, and happy traditional and traditional-inspired items!As a mother of a fun little girl, I knew I needed to have something for her to run around in, have adventures in, and to play in. 

Selling artisan sandals, hand-embroidered clothing, and traditional-inspired items, I am able to provide not only work for the people making the items, but I get to provide work for family members still living in dangerous towns that face the problems of poverty and little work. These items are unique, one of a kind pieces!

As a young girl coming to America at the age of 6 to a whole new world, with a mother who was left behind, I was able to make the U.S. my home and to make my dreams become a reality! Thank you for joining me in my journey; and I hope you can join me for many more memories to come! Cheerfully handmade, every purchase makes a difference!

XO- Monica